Email Newsletters: What, When, How and Why?

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June 18, 2021


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What is the email newsletter? In short, it is content that any subscriber receives periodically by email. These subscribers are usually people who subscribe to blogs or websites.

This is an effective strategy for many things. Among them, not only increasing internet traffic, but also building relationships with users. This is the answer to what is email newsletter content.

Email Marketing is one of the most efficient strategies when it comes to Digital Marketing. One of the reasons the newsletter deserves much more notoriety is because of its competence and practicality.

On the other hand, an inbound marketing strategy would not be completely effective without having integrated an email newsletter. This Newsletter works on blogs or on websites. Thanks to this Email Newsletter, we can be sharing information with our followers.

It is very important to have our prospects full of information that has a lot of valuable content. In this way, we can guide them about our products and services. Thus turning them into loyal customers and fans of our company.

Expanding on the Email Newsletter and what is the Email newsletter?

One of the most relevant reasons to have an email newsletter is because they help us improve relationships. When we talk about relationships, they are the ones we cultivate with our clients or the public. They will be receiving information thanks to the fact that they subscribed to our mailing list, becoming subscribers.

Although it is true today many companies send this type of Newsletter to their clients, in most cases, there is not really the potential they have. It does not consider it as a powerful element within the Marketing strategy, when in fact it is.

If you have an email newsletter, that has the appropriate content and above all that the right people see it. You will reinforce your customers’ loyalty to the customer and the products. In addition, therefore, it will help to strengthen sales.

If you want it to be effective, it should not random messages. On the contrary, it must have an appropriate and balanced content. If you are still asking yourself, what is email newsletter? In addition, it is useful? We will give your more information about it.

The objectives of the Email Newsletter

Newsletters serve several purposes. The topics that are sent through this medium must be varied, attractive and of interest to its users. This also answers the question of what is email newsletter.

The emails are feeding subscribers all the time the most recent publications related to our line of business that are in fashion.

Among those other items that can be sent, we have another great variety. Among them you can send promotions, varied product offers, commercial offers, invitations to fairs and events, and other news.

The Newsletter as a key piece of Email Marketing

Emails are today one of the most efficient channels that companies use to reach their prospects. The Newsletter has 22.85% global open rate. In fact, in sectors such as electronics, its level is higher, reaching 31.33%.

A Newsletter has an excellent starting point if what you want is to organize an effective digital Email Marketing strategy. Why is it an important element? The reasons are many, but mainly, because it strengthens the relationship with your subscribers, whether they are customers or not.

Although the Newsletter is a central piece within Email Marketing, it is certainly not the only one there is. This style of sending sends important information to subscribers. Others, like personalized offers, segment the information more and only focus on actions that are more specific.

What are the Newsletters for and what are their advantages?

First, it allows the company to start implementing emailing, but doing it effectively, quickly and easily. Nevertheless, what are its main advantages?

– Development of the relationship with prospects:

With Email Marketing campaigns, sometimes what you have to do is make yourself visible on some occasions. While it is true it is not a good idea to send excessive information, it is neither healthy nor good, to spend a long time without sending a single email, waiting for you to have something important to communicate.

The Newsletters that are sent periodically, are undoubtedly a resource to cultivate relationships. Mainly with all those who subscribe to your Emails. All of these are people who have signed up to your mailing list. That leads to thinking that everyone has an interest in your product or service.

Within that interest, there will be varied profiles. Recurring customers who may not buy from us as often, prospects who are not yet customers. Old customers that you can build loyalty, and these are just a few examples.

These users, by following them, can suddenly find information relevant to their business and brand in these Newsletters. By opening the inbox and viewing information about your company or business, it will refresh their memory about your product or service. In this case, beyond seeing it as a newsletter, it will be as a way to attract them to us again.

This will undoubtedly affect conversions, for all those who receive the email and are still customers. It will also contribute to the loyalty of those customers.

– Strengthen your brand

Newsletters that are truly effective contain all kinds of content. In short, you can send product or service offers and messages with customer testimonials. You can also send useful resources, success stories, noteworthy collaborations, among other elements.

If our followers and subscribers read that information and in the end find it useless or unproductive, it is dangerous. Why? Well, because that wrong information is going to be linked to your brand or your services, which is a big problem.

If, on the other hand, you send attractive, interesting information that is useful to the subscriber, then they will trust your company and its products. In addition, you will be facing them as someone who is capable of thinking about their needs and who is always up to date with the most modern in the sector.

– Visitor traffic for the website

Even if you have a well-functioning website, you may find it difficult to attract visitors, despite your best efforts. Sending a Newsletter periodically, containing calls to action that are interesting and attractive to your followers is an excellent option.

In addition, if when you are making these shipments you link that information with your web page, without a doubt, the traffic of your page will increase considerably. That is why Newsletters are excellent allies when it comes to generating movement in your social networks and your website.

In these cases, it is necessary that you use the articles that arouse the most interest among all your subscribers. On the other hand, you can add some promotional content, about products or services that take readers to a landing page. If visitors make their way to your landing page and something catches their eye, they will probably continue to browse other sections of your website.

Helps you with your prospects

Another important point of an effective email marketing campaign is to know your potential customers well, but also your subscribers. This is not an easy task, but it is possible. For example, there are things you have to know how: If the offers catch their attention or prefer to receive content with information related to the business, with what type of content they interact the most, what are the hours they check their email.

You need to consider that the answers are different and that will depend on each audience. Therefore, the best way to know them is by consulting the statistics of all the shipments made without exception.

The Parts of a newsletter

When we refer to the design of a newsletter, we are talking about something that is just as important, as its content itself. There are studies saying the average reading time of an email is more or less 13 seconds, in these cases, the issue of first impressions becomes more relevant

You have to make the best impression on the user and of course on the target audience. However, for you to make a good impression, that love at first sight of the user, the structure of the newsletter becomes more than relevant.

Elements that cannot be missing from the Newsletter

The subject line

As with any email you send, the subject line is one of the first items that the recipient will read. It will depend on the information that that line highlights, if in the end you are going to open that email or send it to Trash. Therefore, this line must be as attractive as possible.

Those who receive these emails know that this type of email will always bring more information than other emails they receive. This is why the word Newsletter can force the client to open it; however, it is logical that no one is obliged to do so.

The relevant thing at this point is to offer a preview of the content of the newsletter, to excite the client or, on the other hand, it can include some type of incentive that is extra.

The headers

When you open an email, the first impression serves to present the corporate identity of the person who is going to receive the information. The basic elements of the header, the colors of the company and logos, among other visual elements. You can also include the name of the company, links from social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, the slogan, among others.

Another element that can have a good impact on the headers is a link to view the Newsletter in the web browser, this in case a loading problem occurs with the email reader of the person who will receive the email.

An excellent Newsletter uses HTML with a code known as responsive, which means that it can be adapted to any screen size, but it will always be better to offer the possibility of alternative visualization by adding a small link.

Today, the so-called minimalist headlines are a trend in the design of a large number of Newsletters, and this happens to reinforce the image of the content. For example, at Sendinblue we only include our logo and the display link in a browser.

The body of the Newsletter

After we manage to attract attention and make a good impression with the person that receive the Newsletter, and also with the headline, another important element appears and we are talking about the body of a newsletter. Here is where its main value lies, which is what we know as its content.

When selecting information, generally, informational content should prevail over promotional content, although both have a place. There are many who question what is email newsletter and this is what it’s all about.

The newsletter integrates into the email marketing strategy, but its main objective is not direct sales, but the positioning of your brand as a benchmark in the sector and the establishment of long-term relationships with your prospects.

Everything regarding the hierarchy and the design of the information are also relevant in a Newsletter. Nowadays, it is easy to use a template that looks very professional and has an HTML layout. This in order to facilitate the reading of the newsletter.

Concise content organized into sections

The display of an email is most of the time vertical, and even more fleeting than the ones we can see on the website. That is why, the inverted pyramid scheme is ideal for organizing the information when it comes to Newsletters, you need to start with the most important content and include all the information that is not that relevant, at the bottom.

Even so, it will be the one who receives the Newsletters who will have the last word on the content that they are trying to consult, so they must have all the facilities to select what interests them with a single glance.

In these cases, organizing the content in different section and which can be separated in many ways, for example: with dividing lines, columns, images, titles, among others.

Now that you know what is email newsletter? Moreover, its importance, you can start to use this amazing tool that will provide plenty of advantages.

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